Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold Mornings on Camano Island

It is so cold on February mornings. Bare hands and an aluminum tripods do not go well together. 

I hurried out of the house before dawn this morning with the hope of getting a couple of pictures in the early morning light. When I arrived at Cavalero Beach, I was surprised to see that I had company. I had to shoot this picture off-hand before my guest left.

I love the rays at sunrise. As silly as it may seem, they remind me of my time in Japan.

After I left the beach to drive home, I took a detour by the aptly named Driftwood Shores community.

A few nights ago, I was playing around by moving my zoom while taking a long exposure shot. The result is this picture of one of Sheryl's quilts.

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  1. Hey Rob, that was very creative with Sheryl's quit. Cool! How did you get so lucky to get that shot of the heron? I have tried so many times to photograph herons, but have turned up empty handed each time. Nice shot.